Saturday Morning Live for May 4, 2013

Host Kris Halterman will talk to the 42nd Legislative District; Senator Doug Ericksen, Representative’s Vincent Buys and Jason Overstreet, about the wrap-up of the last session, and what the outcome will likely be for the citizens and tax payers of Washington State.

This is essentially what my email invitation to each of our political representatives fro the 40th and 42nd Districts said:

“Time for a legislative wrap-up for my program “Saturday Morning Live,” for May 4th, 2013.  It is my intent to invite everyone from the 40th and 42nd Dist.’ s to comment on any particular piece of new legislation that passed or failed and why it should have.  There will be an opportunity for one or two quick rebuttal’s from the others, but I will require that everyone is concise and not waste air-time.  It is my desire that everyone have a chance to really weigh-in on what’s happened/happening in Olympia, WA.”

So, I’ve invited them all…but, will they show up and talk to the people?  

(At this time I received decline’s from the 40th Legislative District; Rep.’s Morris and Lytton.  There was no response from Senator Ranker.)

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