Saturday Morning Live for May 20, 2017

Host Kris Halterman will speak to invited guest, Sen. Deputy Pros. Atty, Will Honea.

Host Kris Halterman will get an update from Skagit County Senior Deputy Prosecuting Atty, Will Honea. Skagit County has engaged itself to defend control of the properties within their boundaries against the will of the Swinomish Tribe, to expand theirs. Skagit County is another of the small, rural counties, which depend on the revenues that their two refineries; Tesoro and Shell Oil Company. With the recent protest at March Point, ceding control of these properties would likely be economic suicide for the county. Skagit County is nationally known for their tulip fields and farm land. They are also an industrial giant located on the West Coast and home of one of the largest rivers in Washington State and the West Coast, the Skagit River.

Show Outline Ltr to Tribal Atty Tesoro Ltr to Interior Sec Ltr from Port of Skagit Ltr from Skagit Comm to Interior

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