Saturday Morning Live for May 10, 2014

Host Kris Halterman interviews local entrepreneur, Paul Akers to talk about “entrepreneurism” in today’s world.  Who is Paul Akers, the road to Fast Cap and why everyone should want to be their own boss.  Paul’s thoughts on becoming your own boss and how government can get out of the way.

“If people focus on personal improvement to fix the waste in their life, stop trying to fix what they perceive to be wrong in other’s lives, and accept that business is a necessary and integral part of society’s ablilty to improve itself…America will be the place our Founders intended it to be.”
~ Paul Akers, Entrepreneur and President of Fast cap, author of “2 Second Lean”
My interpretation from today’s conversation with Paul Akers on the Saturday Morning Live show.  ~ Kris Halterman
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