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Saturday Morning Live for Mar. 11, 2017

Part One: Host Kris Halterman invites Ed Kilduff, licensed hydro-geologist, to give his summation of what he heard at the Mar. 7th, 2017, special presentation, public comments, and council-panel discussion which followed the special presentation.

Par Two: Host Kris Halterman will interview Glen Morgan and Bruce Ayers on the numerous Public Disclosure Commission violations that have been filed in Olympia, WA., with Atty. Gen. Bob Ferguson. Specific attention will be given one of the most recent complaints which has been filed against the local EMS Saves Lives levy, which passed by only 40 votes.

Show Outline

Liberty Road Summary of ┬áCounty’s Council Special Presentation and Meeting of Mar. 2, 2017

Last night at the Whatcom County Council, after 4.0 hrs of a special presentation, a public hearing and discussion by the Council, they passed a six-week, continuing Interim-ordinance for a moratorium on permitting for properties that require an exempt-well as their source for potable water.

Prior to the public hearing, the Council held a presentation of video clips from agency heads giving testimony to the Washington State Legislature about the issues surrounding the Hirst and Postema cases. After the video, there was a four-panel group which addressed the Council with statements and answered Council questions. The most telling comment came from both the Legal Counsel from the Dept. of Ecology and Bob Carmichael, a water and property law specialist. They both agreed that the Whatcom County Council did not have to put in the moratorium, prior to their deadline of May 2017 to come back to the Growth Management Hearings Board with their solution to show that they are actively taking the leadership role required of them on water allocation and management. What exactly that active leadership role will look like, Whatcom County-ites will have to wait and see.

After lengthy discussion, the interim-ordinance was approved on a six-week ban to allow permitting, and that the Council promised that they would return next Tuesday to begin working on the language that will bring relief to the hundreds of properties which had the proverbial rug-pulled-out-from-beneath-them, with their moratorium. The vote to approve the interim-ordinance permit moratorium were; 4 yes (Buchanan, Browne, Donovan, Sidhu) and 3 nays (Weimer, Mann, Brenner). Had one more councilmember voted nay, then on March 18th, 2017, the current moratorium would expire and all those affected property owners would’ve been able to proceed with their projects. And, after listening to the DOE lawyer and Bob Carmichael, Atty, that was a viable option for them to have taken.

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