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John_R_Lott_photoKris Halterman interviews Dr. John Lott, Jr : “More Guns-Less Crime” and “At the Brink; Will Obama push us over the edge?”

Guests in studio: Elliott Fine of Bellingham; Hobbit and Gun Rights Advocate and Randy Elmore of Bellingham, board member of the Northwest Business Club.

Dr. John Lott, Jr economist, political commentator and author of; “More Guns – Less Crime” and “At the Brink; Will Obama push us over the edge?”.

Show Outline

Dr. Lott was gracious enough to sit down with me after his engagement at the Northwest Business Club to share a little bit about his life and how he turned a career in economics into a deep understanding of how gun ownership, concealed carry and the 2nd Amendment not only guard against government tyranny, but they really do make our communities and neighborhoods safer, healthier and what we call home.  Afterall, isn’t that what everyone seeks to achieve in life?  That little space we come to rest, relax and spend time with our family and friends; that place called the American Dream.

~ Kris Halterman

Lott Interview Part 1: 

Lott Interview Part 2: 

 Lott Interview Part 3: 

Lott Interview Part 4: 

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