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Saturday Morning Live for July 9, 2016

Host Kris Halterman will interview; Jacob Deschenes, Ed Kilduff, and Todd Hausman, from SAVE on their new project, Growing the Economy with RaspberryPi. and how the Maker Movement is set to expand economic business and employment opportunities in America.

Show Outline

Todd Hausman, Kris Halterman, Jacob Deschenes, and Ed Kilduff (not shown); board members of SAVE (Social Alliance for a Vibrant Economy) a 501c3, discuss the organizations new project “Growing the Economy with Raspberry Pi.”

Raspberry Pi circuit board with LAN accessory

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  1. It is fascinating to listen to Todd and Jacob talk about this project. Their enthusiasm is contagious. I your are looking for a way to have a positive impact on future generations. This is it. I hope the community will be generous in their support.

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