Saturday Morning Live for Jan. 13, 2018

Host Kris Halterman will interview Assoc. Prof. Hart Hodges on a recent study which compares the Economy of Whatcom County to other Washington State Counties, Other States, and the national trends.

Today’s program will not be available on podcast due to technical distortion from the recording equipment at Cascade Radio. My apologies for this as there was a lot of information shared on the show that is not on the Show Outline.

Show Outline

Information displayed here is standard deviations based on population and industry demographics. King County has a higher percentage of IT businesses and independent businesses which work within this demographic. Retail wages in King County are affected by these same industries who also have retail employees within their business.
Largest Employers does not reflect the wages paid to the employees or the contributions to the tax base from the industry or the multiplier attributable to the higher wage base of the employees and the other businesses that provide independent services to these industries.
Cost of Living Index numbers are based on national averages. The information gathered reflected at a point in time that there is a 15% higher cost to living in Whatcom County than the average / median costs across the nation.


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