Saturday Morning Live for Feb. 25, 2017

Theodore Haas, historical researcher, writer and activist for tribal and personal Indian rights.

Host Kris Halterman interviews Marlene Dawson, local historian and former Whatcom County Councilmember, regarding the recent email correspondence between herself and County Councilmember Satpal Sidhu. What precipitated the response email from Councilmember Sidhu? What did his response email say that was disconcerting to Marlene and others who read his email response, which she made public? What is this proposed ordinance that Marlene is asking the Whatcom County Council to consider?

Show Outline



Theodore Haas FB Page Map of Lummi Indian Properties Dawson Email to WC Council Email Reply Sidhu to Dawson Dawson Proposed Ordinance to WC Council Federal Register Notice: Traders w/Indians Notice Lummi Map of Reservation & Indian Land Pt. Elliott Treaty 1934 Indian Reorganization Act IRA 10 Years Later – Haas Haas – Indian and the Law–2 Fee to Trust Legal Process

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