Saturday Morning Live for Aug. 30th, 2014

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Glen Morgan, Bill Whittle, Kris Halterman, Steve Halterman and Ed Kilduff at the Mt. Baker Theatre presentation of, “An Evening with Bill Whittle.”

Host Kris Halterman is joined by Glen Morgan (Freedom Foundation/Property Rights Specialist) and Ed Kilduff (licensed Hydro-geologist/Common Sense Alliance) to share their thoughts on the live performance with Bill Whittle at the Mount Baker Theatre on Friday, August 29th, 2014.




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From, “The Republic of Bill.”

Certainly it’s not going to come as breaking news to anyone that there’s a lot of political discord and division in America today. Conservatives and Progressives are so far apart, and simply talk past each other so much, that’s it’s like we’re living in different countries.

And you know what? We’re supposed to be living in different countries. Before the unconstitutional, rampant centralization of Federal power over our lives, we were – and were supposed to be – separate countries, each with is own unique culture and preferences and cuisine and language and all the rest.

We know what the progressive, gun-controlled, safety-helmeted, calorie-restricted, carbon-neutral, politically correct Weenie Dictatorship looks like – they are trying to foist it on us every day. But if you could take a little chunk of America – say, five million steely-eyed missile men and another five million sleek and capable naughty librarians – and make your own little state with your own internal rules… what would it look like?  Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Republic of Bill.

Politically, the fundamental structure of the Republic of Bill looks pretty familiar. It’s the US Constitution, verbatim. There are a couple of minor changes: a line item veto is one. Another is the 28th Amendment, which reads “No one elected to public office shall, once their term expires, be eligible to hold that same office.”

That’s right, you savages out there beyond our borders: there are no incumbents in the Republic of Bill. No campaign distractions, no lobbyist leverage, no vote buying, no nothing. We have this radical idea that we can find 535 new people, every two years, out of a population of ten million. There’s no one in the Congress of the Republic of Bill who was elected before the invention of electricity.
~ Bill Whittle

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