Saturday Morning Live for Aug. 19, 2017

SML Guest Host and Guest from Left to Right: Exec. Dir, Hans Erchinger-Davis, Chaplain Aaron Speyer, New Life Program Graduate Kevin

Guest Host Hans Erchinger-Davis, Executive Director of the Lighthouse Mission Ministries will interview Chaplain Aaron Speyer and New Life Program graduate, Kevin about the work done at the Lighthouse Mission Ministries to restore peoples lives.





Saturday Morning Live Podcast – August 19, 2017: Exec. Director, Hans Erchinger-Davis talks to Chaplain Aaron Speyer and New Live Program graduate Kevin about the services at The Lighthouse Mission Ministries and how they continue to affect the lives of the homeless in our community.

Whatcom Report Podcast – August 20, 2017: Wes Herman of Woods Coffee and Exec. Director, Hans Erchinger-Davis, discuss the mission of The Lighthouse Mission Ministries and how they are moving forward to help relieve homelessness with their expanded Drop in Center services.

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