Saturday Morning Live for Apr. 16, 2016

WA_Per_Capita_Income_Growth_2005-2014Host Kris Halterman is discusses the proposed addition of Aquatic Lands, as a new element to Chapter 8, Resource Lands, to the 2016 update to the, Whatcom County Comprehensive Plan.

Also included in today’s discussion is the public declaration of disenfranchisement towards residents of Whatcom County by Whatcom County Councilperson, Ken Mann, on his public Facebook page.

Aquatic Lands Intro to Comp Plan WC Council Spec Mtg / Mar 29, 2016 Mann Comments & Ques on Need for WC Jail Mann FB 1   Mann FB 2 Mann FB 3 Mann FB 4 Mann FB 5 Mann FB 6 Mann FB 7 Mann FB 8


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