Saturday Morning Live for Apr. 11, 2015


Morgan interview with Clayton Petree on Whatcom County EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) Draft proposal:

Morgan discussion on how to find and expose government corruption:

Guest Host, Glen Morgan fills in for Kris Halterman, to discuss two important topics.Glen_Morgan

During the first part of the show, Glen speaks to Clayton Petree about the recently published Environmental Impact Statement for Whatcom County and her Cities. This study will be used jointly by the County and Cities as they plan for the future of our communities for the next ten years.

During the second half of the show, Glen will share how to find fraud, financial mismanagement, incompetence, and other problems in local government.  How to expose it to the public so that real change can occur.

Show Outline Podcast Petree – EIS Podcast Expose Govt Corruption

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