RE Sources sets Sights on Skagit and Whatcom County Industries

Intalco will┬ásubstantially shut down operations in January 2016…and RE Sources ramps-up to continue their vilification and economic destruction to the Cherry Point Industries.

Currently Whatcom County receives a large economic benefit from the industries at Cherry Point. Whatcom County receives about 25% of their property tax income from Intalco, BP, and Phillips 66 industries. These three industries contribute substantial, family-wage jobs, and contribute to the economic viability of over 200 other local, small businesses in Whatcom County. But, RE Sources and their many imported friends have set their sites to crush the oil industries in Whatcom County in 2016.

The sky isn’t falling, but it’s time for Whatcom County residents to weigh-in and support these industries. If it is not economically feasible for them to stay…they will leave. Just ask Intalco…



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  1. Such ignorant fools. Unless they are walking everywhere barefoot and naked then they are supporting the oil industry. Hipocrites with too much time and no real common sense.

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