Radio Real Estate & Wealth Wakeup Live for Mar. 22, 2014

Is Your County Lifestyle Secure?

Is Rural - County Lifestyle Vanishing from Whatcom County? @ Is Your County Lifestyle Secure?


KGMI Radio – March 22 Saturday

10Am -12pm Bellis Fair Mall

Forestry; Gordy Iverson
Commercial Fishing; Reider Solberg
Small Cattle Farms; Wes Kentch
Small Horse Ranch; Sara Singleton
Meat Packinghouse; Ben Elenbaas
Water planning Future; Skip Richards
Private Well Future; Karen Brown
Facilitator; Larry Helm

Show OutlineRural Life-Then & Now Part 1Rural Life-Then & Now Part 2

Rural Life – Then & Now Part 1. (direct play)

Rural Life – Then & Now Part 2. (direct play)

2014-03-21_2002 2014-03-21_2003

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