Q1 2017 State of the Nation – Dr. Robert Patton

If you are from Whatcom County, or have been a frequent listener to Saturday Morning Live on KGMI/790 AM, likely you know a little about Dr. Robert (Bob) Patton. Dr. Patton is a financial adviser and puts out a quarterly financial report that he shares with the public. The first quarter for 2017 is already in and the results have some stunning numbers along with a strong dose of reality for the American public to digest.

The links below will familiarize those of you who do not know Dr. Patton’s credentials, his financial report on the U.S. Economy for the first quarter of 2017, and how the nation voted for change in America. Enjoy Dr. Patton’s fiscal analysis of Q1-2017 and his wise words for all of us to take heed to.

Dr Patton Bio Patton Q1-2017 Report Election Results Map – 2016

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