Political Junkie Admits to Shabby Fact Checking

Sweeney's Meanie ElephantLocal blogger, Riley Sweeney has posted a correction to his recent posting for the Charter Review candidates, where Riley attempted to slur the candidates by labels and bad photos. When called out on the most obvious errors in Riley’s posting, Mr. Sweeney has corrected himself for his mistakes.

Well, he addressed all but the most egregious of his blind allegiance to the “Progressive Alliance’s” agenda to change Whatcom County into their image of Utopia with the financial help of Billionaire-Hedge Fund Mogul, Tom Steyer’s money.

I did take the opportunity to respond to Mr. Riley’s correction and thank him for that, plus a bit of chastising for his failure to discuss the Steyer-Progressive Alliance-Washington Conservation Voters, connection:

Riley, Nice of you to comment and agree to all of your posting errors. Except, you have to failed to discuss the connection between the “Washington Conservation Voters,” their financial connection to the “Progressive Alliance,” and Billionaire-Hedge Fund Mogul, “Tom Steyer,” who has positioned himself to prosper from green technology that’s being heavily subsidized with tax dollars while he also profits from the increased demands for coal from his foreign investments. ~ Kris Halterman

Oh and BTW, you are a champion of finding the worst photo’s of people. That’s why I don’t wear hats. And that photo you dug up of Orphalee is a doozy. You do a great job of using subliminal-emotional tactics to make negative media perception. Proud of the hat…wish it looked better on me. 🙂

The truth is a funny thing and the facts are what’s needed to keep this next local election about the issues, not unverified accusations. Posting pictures of angry elephants doesn’t address the water issues, property issues, or the lack of living wage businesses coming to Whatcom County. The residents and businesses deserve leaders that will bring certainty to the voters that these issues are addressed, pro-actively for all of us.

~ Kris Halterman

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  1. The disturbing trend of regressive ‘progs’ to regulate and tax people into severe depression in this fair city of Bellingham and Whatcom County needs to be countered. Heartfelt Thank Yous to Kris Halterman and Dick Donahue for being willing to stand up, to put their money where their mouth is, and expose these bullies for what they are and who they suck up to. We’ve had enough of these bullies. They have done nothing to help make the place more liveable. I would certainly not recommend any new businesses or prospective buyers to relocate here given the present predatory practices.

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