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Oh What Tangled Web We Weave. When First We Practice to Deceive!

Interesting stuff posted at the Whatcom Watchdog.  The deeper Delaine dug, the more muck she came up with.  Ever wonder how We the People got to the place we are today?  When organization’s create other organizations, who create other organizations, eventually you end up with a giant tangle of muck, that it’s no wonder you need a device like Muckety to try to sort it all out.  Like the images I’ve captured here you see how these groups have become so powerful, as they’re a definite source of huge sums of money designed to round up the masses and herd them into urban hi-rise cities for our own good.  Yeah!, right and I have a mansion in Timbuctoo for you at a really cheap price. Enjoy Delaine’s bit of detective work and never stop asking, “what’s in it for these exteme environmental groups?”  Follow the money and you’ll find the answer.  ~ Kris Halterman

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Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive!  Sir Walter Scott, Marmion, Canto vi. Stanza 17. Scottish author & novelist (1771 – 1832)

The tangled web they weave


I spent some time looking into the background of the campaign.  I thought I might find out who exactly they are.  I’m sure glad I did some more research because I discovered a tangled mess of organizations involved.
My original assertion was that this organization was a part of the
Wild Earth Guardians Power Past Coal campaign.  I mean really, they have the same name!
Looking further into the WEG website I see that they (WEG) “ heartily endorse and are a part of, a broad-based coalition to bring carbon dioxide down to safe levels”.  Not sure who is but they just happen to be listed first on the list of organizations making up
So I went ahead and looked up who the website ( is 
registered to.  Low and behold it’s registered to someone in New Hampshire with a email address.  Very curious since their website claims that they are an organization that “acts locally”.  keeps who they really are private by using “Moniker Privacy Services” as as their registrant name.  Hmmmmm?  Why the secrecy?

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