Obamacare: A “One-Size-Fits-No-One-At-All,” Plan that Killed the Goose and the Golden Egg

Regence_Ltr_Head_LogoWell, I am hoping that with the recent over saturation and over-hyped media stories, the nation, the news media and more specifically, the State of Washington, will get back on track to deal with the economy, jobs and health care.  A couple of weeks ago I received a letter from Regence Blue Cross, my health insurance provider, with the news that I have been dreading for a couple of years now.  Regence_Ltr_Head_LogoWithin the letter I received were all of the reasons I knew to be the outcome and eventually the demise of the only real cure to skyrocketing health insurance premiums and health care costs; a high deductible, health savings account qualified medical insurance plan.  Can I truly fault them for conforming to what the Federal Government and our own State of Washington politicians have mandated that they can and cannot offer the consumer of their products?  No, I am pointing the finger at the lazy brained fools in our Federal Government and especially our local Federal and State Representatives who are not representing the vast majority of their constituents who did not want Obamacare and still do not want Obamacare even more so now, than when it first hit our radar in 2009.  Regence_Ltr_Head_LogoThe majority of the rational, individual liberty, personally responsible and capitalist loving personas, understood that an already top-down, front-loaded and heavily regulated insurance industry would likely not withstand more political interference to provide to the consumer the health insurance plan they want and can afford.

  • My current H.S.A. qualified, high deductible health insurance plan, covers both myself and my husband at $516.00 per month.  (This plan became unavailable for purchase within 24 hours of the Supreme Courts decision not to strike down Obamacare)
  • My brother and his wife have a similar H.S.A. qualified, high deductible health insurance plan, that covers both himself and his wife for $615.00 per month.  (Their plan has a lower over-all individual and family deductible than my plan, but not a significant amount)
  • My sister’s standard PPO/POS, qualified, deductible and co-pay incentivized health insurance plan, covers only her for the cost of $670.00 per month and her plan is not qualified for an H.S.A. account.
  • By purchasing an H.S.A. qualified plan, my husband and I save $824.00 per month over what my sisters individual plan costs her and we put $450.00 into our Health Savings Account to pay our co-pays and deductibles from.
  • Because the money we put into the H.S.A. account stays with us and is not lost to an insurance company for services never realized, we not only gain in financial security, but we’re still saving almost 25% over what a PPO or POS health plan would provide us.
  • We naturally do not abuse, or over use our health insurance because we are incentivized not to spend our H.S.A. funds unless we need to.
  • We naturally do go to the doctor, clinic, labs or hospital if needed, because we have our H.S.A. account that covers the co-pays and we build up capital to pay our deductibles from the H.S.A. account,
  • The comparison here is a simple one and J.Q.Public are poorly served by a government that has broken the only real solution out there that is capable of slowing the increase in health services and insurance expenditures.

If this letter was not enough to upset my apple-cart, the two articles I consumed on the phony jobs numbers, the unprecedented way that the jobs market is responding to this recovery(?) with the impending full implementation of Obamacare; well let me assure you that these articles have been consuming my thoughts for quite a few days now.

Man_Looking_for_Work_(Getty_Images)First an article written by Mortimer Zuckerman, for the Wall Street Journal, reports on how the jobless recovery of the Great Recession, shows that 74% of the new jobs touted by the governments Household Survey are part-time jobs.  According to Mr. Zuckerman’s article:

More people have left the workforce than got a new job during the recovery by a factor of nearly three.

Full-time jobs actually declined by 240k, while part-time jobs increased by 360k in 2012, and there is an astounding 28m more part-time jobs in the United States from the beginning of the Great Recession according to  2007 EOY statistics.  Unemployment rates in the United States, after adjusting for part-time employment vs. full-time work, and the un-counted I-just-gave-up-looking-for-work sector, is somewhere between 14.3% to 13.8%, according to recent May 2013 statistics.  There are 22m underemployed or unemployed workers in the United States and too many major media outlets are simply not printing, or broadcasting the truth.  When the State and Federal Government cherry-pick the jobs numbers and media does not report on the full extent of this issue, J.Q.Public gets shafted, over and over again.  This is the first recovery in the history of the United States where part-time work is not declining, and full-time work is not increasing.  Common sense tells me that the 20-24 age sector are able to accept part-time work, because a lot of them are still living at home with mom and dad.  Plus, the 55-69 year olds are able to accept part-time work, to supplement their income, because the 20-24 year old is still living at home and helping to keep a roof over the families head; or, they’re already retired and work part-time to supplement their insufficient retirement and social security funds.

Jobs_Graph_2009_-_2012_Household_by_ageSecondly, the article published by Zero Hedge, submitted by Tyler Durden, has some truly disturbing numbers on who is and is not being hired in this recovery.  Who are the job gainers?  Hang-on to your toupee.  20-24 year olds and 55-69 year olds, are the major beneficiaries of this recovery.  Who are the big losers in this jobless recovery, you ask?  16-19 year olds are big losers, but 25-54 years olds, those people who should be headed for peak earnings, so they can store away retirement dollars for themselves and pay into the much needed Social Security/Medicare funds, which are sorely needed for the 55-69 year olds (you know them fondly as mom and dad) to keep them furnished, fed and medically cared for, because their retirement accounts were decimated by the last recessionary implosion.  Some funny and not so funny quotes from Mr. Durden’s article are:

The same chart but going back three years since September 2009, or right around the time the job loss process troughed and since which point the BLS has reported a continuous monthly addition of jobs. Of the 4.2 million jobs added since September 2009, 3.5 million have gone to “experienced” workers aged 55 and over!

So the next time a potential employer denies your job application because the job was just taken, speak to mom and dad: more than likely they applied for the same job, and got it. Household Jobs Graph

Okay, I’ve finished pointing out the obvious to anyone capable of thinking and reasoning for themselves, but have you looked out at the horizon for what has been screaming at us all since September 2008?  Stop bailing out failing, too big to save businesses and start the process to remove the barriers and impediments that have curtailed the entrepreneurs, the job creators, the tiny worker bee’s that really drive the Little Engine that Really Can  fix our local, state and national economies.  The first item I’d use in my tube of Super Glue, would be the elimination of Obamacare and all of those job killing mandates placed on businesses and private individuals to pay for a one-size-fits-no-one-at-all, health insurance program that is too-big-too-succeed.

The biggest winners (although I believe not for long) will be the big insurers and an ever bigger government needed to implement the Ponzi-scheme of Obamacare.  The biggest losers are all the small businesses that will not be created because of too many government mandates (starting with Obamacare), and the many individuals who used to have good health care plans, plus money left over to put into their Health Savings Accounts that belongs to them, not their insurance company or the government.

~ Kris Halterman

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