National Tea Party Protest of the IRS

Last Tuesday’s protest brought out approximately 100 enthusiastic supporters to send a message to the IRS, that “We Do Not Accept Your Apology!”  Due to the growing scandal, every day it becomes ever more clear how oppressive big government can be upon citizens and their guaranteed rights of equal treatment under the law and especially free speech.

Here is a quick post of the local Whatcom Tea Party protest at Magnolia and Cornwall on Tuesday, May 21st.  Signs and jovial protesters telling the IRS that they do not accept their apology.  A few of the comments heard and displayed on signs were:

I-ntimidate  R-epress  S-ubjigate

 The Obama Administration lied and Four Americans died.

The IRS lied and American Free Speech and Liberty died.

Down at street level I was able to speak to two of the attendee’s and asked them what their purpose was for showing up today and if they have a message to the public. Here are their comments:

Allen Brown



Allen Brown local candidate running for the Bellingham City Council At-Large Position had this to say:

Chuck Johnson


Chuck Johnson, a concerned local Whatcom County resident and father shared his thoughts on our youth and the future of the United States with a generation who does not have a deep understanding of the U.S. Constitution:

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