Move Over Whatcom County Parks; authored by Delaine Clizbe

Local blogger, Delaine Clizbe has a new post on her blog, that should be of interest to all Whatcom County residents.  When outside nonprofits continually take a serious interest in your community, shouldn’t we ask why?  ~ Kris Halterman

whatcom watchdog Move over Whatcom County Parks  11/17/2013

Move over Whatcom County Parks there is a new game in town!
A few weeks back I received this email invitation to attend a planning meeting for the Upper Nooksack River Recreation Area.  Of course I had to stop in to find out what was going on!

I found out that two things are going on simultaneously.  One, a group called “Hydropower Reform Coalition” is hoping to get portions of the Nooksack listed as a “Wild and Scenic River”.  Second, this same group along with the group “American Rivers” are working on a recreation plan for the area.
Who are the players:
Hydropower Reform Coalition is a D.C based coalition that focuses on increased regulation for hydropower.  You can read their platform in their own words here.
American Rivers is a non-profit based out of D.C..  Interestingly, both American Rivers and Hydropower Reform have the same business address for their website registration so it is likely they are really the same organization. (it looks better to have more organizations involved don’t you think?)  This group’s focus is on river protection.
Some other players:  American Whitewater is a non-profit based out of Tennessee. Whatcom Land Trust a local non-profit.
Folks may want to read my blog post “The tangled web they weave” for more information on why/how these groups structure themselves the way they do.


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