Meet Tommy

“Meet Tommy…Tommy is 10 years old and he is already $817K in debt and counting. Why, because Government has a spending problem.

This Saturdays show will feature a nationally recognized youth organization that is working to raise awareness of the fiscal insanity occuring in all levels of government. Benjamin Backer will join the show this Saturday to discuss how Turning Point USA plans to wake-up today’s youth that deficit spending leads to debt and today’s debt will not be paid in full by the generation that spent it, but by the next generation and the many to follow them, unless they stand-up to those who say debt doesn’t matter. Here’s a link to Benjamin’s blog and remember, Benjamin (Benji) is 15 years old!

Just knowing that organizations like Turning Point USA and youthful energy like Benjamin’s is out there gives me hope that we can turn this country back into the shining light upon the hillside.

~ Kris Halterman

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