Local Whatcom County Citizen’s Share their Concerns for Ozzie and Farm Pets…

Thanks to everyone who showed to the “Save Ozzie” protest today. We were approximately 40 strong in number. We showed up prepared and informed. We showed up to ask the DOE questions. And, sadly I must report here that the answers given by the Regional Office Director, Doug Allen did not satisfy many there.

A ‘zero’ tolerance level for the potential to pollute is not humanly possible and is not healthy for the environment. As agents for the DOE, it is not a satisfactory answer that they are only enforcing what the Legislature has directed them to do. If the State and Local Legislative Representatives had this intent in mind, then they need to be contacted too.

These are the word of the Whatcom County citizen’s who attended the “SAVE Ozzie” protest. Be patient. Be strong. This type of bullying must stop and we must all come together to ensure that it does.

Thank You for showing your support for “Ozzie” and all Farm Pets…because pets lives matter too.


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