Local Friend Stands Up for 1st and 2nd Amendment Rights


Elliott Fine, local Bellingham, Washington resident (and friend) has achieved his 5 minutes of political fame. KGMI’s, Patti Brooks was addressing the Feb. 6, 2013, article in the Bellingham Herald, regarding Elliott’s sign. Since I was already aware of Elliott’s issues with construction theft and how he was choosing to deal with it, I called Elliott (as many others did) to ask if he was listening to Patti’s show this morning? Elliott did not have Patti’s program on, but in my conversation with Elliott, he informed me that the Herald article was not factually correct. Elliott knows that Patti prides herself on reporting the truth, so he called Patti’s show to correct the story. Well as you can guess; Elliott has now set the record straight on a national level.
With Elliott’s permission I am sharing his e-mail comments and audio links to his radio interviews.
~ Kris Halterman
(Apparently Elliott’s sign has also been a feature of the local NBC, ABC and CBS news stations, too.)

Email from Elliott Fine regarding today’s news/radio about his sign kerfluffle:
Well, I made it above the fold in our local paper the Bellingham Herald with my sign. I was contacted about the sign by the Herald and my response was “No comment”. I was never contacted by anyone from the school district, though I went over to the school across the street the day the B’ham Police contacted me about the sign (the BPD never came on sight to investigate the theft), and had a very good conversation with the V.P. about the sign, and I made sure he understood that it was not directed at the school.

Spoke this morning on our local radio call in program about the sign, spoke with a KXL radio station (Wrap 1 and Wrap 2, to air sometime this afternoon) host this AM from Portland, OR. for a news segment, Whatcom Cnty. Republicans have asked me to speak about this on Sat. at their meeting (just a 5 min filler) & the Lars Larson Show (also from KXL) will interview me @ 1400 today.

Let the fun begin!!! E

Here is a direct link to the Bellingham Herald article from Zoe Fraley:

Another email from Elliott. This one from radio station KXL, regarding their interview on Elliott’s thoughts regarding all the hooplah over his 1st and 2nd Amendment sign:
Sent: Wednesday, February 06, 2013 12:12 PM
Subject: Stories that will run on KXL News this afternoon

Hey Elliott,

Here are the two versions of the story I put together for the afternoon news. Hopefully you feel it portrays your position fairly. Thanks for taking the time to speak with me this morning.
MP3 Audio file (Wrap 1)
MP3 Audio file (Wrap 2)

Chris Brown, AM News Editor

More updates from Elliott:
I made infowars.com! One idiotic comment, the rest take an appropriate view.

On another note, our local, 42nd District State House Rep – Jason Overstreet (who texted me that I was on infowars), just introduced a Bill that attempts to muzzle TSA’s unconstitutional overreach, and he’s on the home page too!

Enjoy, E

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