Local County Councilperson Ken Mann Goes Wingnut

2016-04-09_0644Bless his heart…Whatcom County Councilmember Ken Mann (left-wingnut and puppet for the “5 Fair and Equal” cabal) tells everyone publicly how he really feels. With the multiple postings from Mr. Mann where he is very open (thank you) of his real feelings about everything and everyone who oppose having their property rights, business, farm, home, etc. … controlled by the cabal, are out in the open for all to see. Could it be that Mr. Mann does not plan to run for his current political office again? Is he getting set to seek a higher political office to reign down his kind of tyranny on a larger segment of the population?

We’re just saying…he’s become very public about his opinions. Those wingnuts that Mr. Mann is talking about are the people he fooled into thinking that he actually cares about “fair and balanced.”

Redistricting Committee Agenda

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