Like Pilgrims

Last evening at the Whatcom County Council’s public meeting they voted to continue their moratorium which prevents the issuance of a building permit for homes residing in the Nooksack watershed which would require a private-well for their potable water. Early in the evening, before the Council voted, they took public comments from the audience. Overwhelmingly the audience communicated their desire to have this moratorium lifted.

One of those commentary’s was given by Mary Beth Teigrob. Mary Beth served on the Whatcom County Planning Commission and has given a lot of her personal time to public service. Mary Beth gave her permission for Liberty Road to share the poem she wrote and read to the Whatcom County Council on last night.

~ LR

Like Pilgrims

Like pilgrims before us, we dreamt of our land,
Where children and livestock could flourish we planned.
This dream came to be,
In the previous century.
Sandy loam soil with some dark rich peat,
A place for country kids! Oh how sweet!
Over the years we toiled and sweat,
A house and a barn to keep out the wet.
Fencing, cross fencing to protect the land,
Carefully cared for by our own hand.
But while we were sleeping in small farm bliss,
Our county was planning cause they thought it amiss,
The people can’t know how to care for their land!
We’ll “help” them, contain them, Oh ain’t it grand!
We’ll change all the rules so they cannot make plans!
For so they reasoned, these people are fools!
They can’t live on their land without government tools!
Their septic must cost them an arm and a leg.
No wells will be drilled, that’ll take ’em down a peg.
Then add on a farm plan to top off their load,
Maybe then they’ll give up and abandon their abode!
But hope still lives in the harts of the humble.
An Election is coming, and Council could tumble!
~ Mary Beth Teigrob, October 10, 2017

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