Let Them Eat Crow … RE Sources Crows About Victory to Shut Down Cherry Point

Update: Whatcom County and Washington State seriously needed a change at the seat of government in Olympia, too. Governor Jay Inslee has bestowed the Whatcom County Council with an award for their actions to restrict growth in Whatcom County through their actions last Tuesday, with The Governor’s Smart Communities Award.

  • Whatcom County 2016 Comprehensive Plan Update was unique. It brought in new elements including climate change resiliency strategies and Marine Resource Lands section to conserve and enhance Whatcom County’s marine land base for the long-term and sustainable production commercial and recreational economic activities. Smart Choices Award – Implementation of a comprehensive plan

Crina Hoyer, the local Executive Director of RE Sources for a Sustainable Community sent out a victory lap for achieving what many believed to be the unachievable…the Whatcom County Council approves Comp Plan Changes to the Cherry Point Industrial Growth Plan…which stops growth and starts the wheels of shutting down the industries at Cherry Point. Ms. Hoyer is so proud of their results that they are using it as a campaign feature to fund raise for more of your money to continue their march to de-industrialize Whatcom County.

Wake Up Whatcom County…this is the real agenda for your community. They are dividing you into manageable, bite-sized pieces and will be after your job or business next, your single family home, your favorite sport or hobby, and who will be there to stand up with you if you remain divided? United We Stand. Divided We Fall. RE Sources, Futurewise, League of Conservation Voters, Sierra Club, League of Women Voters, and the list goes on-and-on, on the many groups who are allied to achieve their agenda. Will you band together to fight back for your community? Your vision?

Please share this information with your family and friends to help Wake Up Whatcom County. Stand up Whatcom County…this community is worth the fight.


RE Sources Crows About Shutting Down Cherry Point Gov. Inslee Award

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