Last Night at Council…

Due to the lateness of the Council meeting and my obligations to get work done for paying customers, this will be a quick-post of video taken at last night’s meeting.

It was a late night for those of us who showed up to speak at the Public Hearing held at Council Chambers, to comment on their proposed ordinances to implement another 60 day Emergency Moratorium and a six-month moratorium, against fossil fuel exports (and more) at the Cherry Point industries. Lorraine took a lot of notes as I shot short videos of the comments made during last night’s hearing.

The audience was made-up of a fairly even split of people who were for and against the proposed moratorium…but most of the video I shot was of the pro-moratorium speakers, because I believe they’re more educational and entertaining. It’s important that the people who live and work here understand what happens every two weeks at these County Council meetings. Because you trust that your representative is there to look out for you, and because they’re there to represent you, you often choose not to attend these meetings while at work, or after your long day at work. No one blames you for the need to be with family and friends. But! While you are not seated at the table to voice your opinions for the policies and directions you vision for Whatcom County, you have become the meal. The anti-Cherry Point and anti-Business groups have focused their knives, forks, and spoons upon your Cherry Point industries and they plan to feast upon it, until there’s nothing left.

You’ll notice that there are a lot of speakers wearing red. This is a RE Sources, silent talking-point to the Council that their peeps are in the audience watching them and supporting them to vote for this moratorium, divide the county further, and weaken the community economically, so they can further de-industrialize Whatcom County. Many of the video’d commentators who are dressed in red, regularly show up to Council meetings to monitor and insure that their message and vision for Whatcom County continues to move forward.

The Vote…

The Whatcom County Council speak to the audience to convince them that what they’re doing is pro-business and the best choice for Whatcom County residents, jobs, and business..


The people shared their concerns and views with the Council. RE Sources supporters asked Council to vote in support of the moratorium to vote for their vision of a Cherry Point that is doesn’t include the industrial businesses there. Or, the people who work at, or do business with, and others (like myself) who know that the economy of Whatcom County is richly rewarded by these industries, and asked the Council to vote against the moratorium in support of your family wage jobs and business growth.


And this folks is why we must all vote in November…vote as if your way of life, your families way of life, your neighbors, friends, jobs, and businesses, depended upon it…because they do.

~ Kris Halterman

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