King County to set to give out lumps of coal for Christmas…

Keeping abreast of misinformation can be a challenge.  For the average person this is understandable, but to accept this much misunderstanding from political leadership is one of the major reasons there is growing distrust in government.  Couple this with a growing ignorance of personal, private constitutional rights and it’s no wonder things are so discombobulated.

~ Kris Halterman

Hi Kris,

It occurred to me that some of the commentary below might be of interest to those who are on the “Road to Liberty” and follow the SML blog. Nansen Malin, the Washington State Director for Americans for Prosperity is either from Grays Harbor County or nearby, and has been very active in the efforts to support the proposed shipping terminal in the Longview area. She wrote the second piece below.

From: Rick Forschler

Sent: Friday, December 06, 2013 11:43 AM

Hi Folks,

imagePlease see the message below from Nansen Malin, Washington State Director of Americans for Prosperity.  Environmental activists are claiming that Greenhouse Gas Emissions caused by coal are so impacting our climate that we should prohibit even the transport of coal through Washington State.  While King County itself is not in a position to approve or deny the movement of coal in Washington, they have significant “clout” toward influencing policy.   image

Monday December 9th the full council is considering legislation to use their clout to not only discourage transportation of coal through Washington, but also through Oregon, plus even imposing a moratorium over the mining of coal in the Powder River Basin of Wyoming.  They are asking for increased regulatory oversight by the US Dept of Interior, the US Army Corp of Engineers, and the Washington State Department of Ecology.  Such regulations are NOT intended to protect public health and safety, but to add needless red tape and increase costs.  Remember these words of President Obama?  ““If somebody wants to build a coal-fired power plant, they can. It’s just that it will bankrupt them.”

You might want to watch the first 14.5 minutes of this video from Tuesday’s meeting of the King County Transportation, Economy and Environment Committee:

We have witnessed first-hand how false science surrounding CO2 emissions and global warming have repeatedly impacted our property rights.  This is yet another example of regulatory takings of local property rights, but also severe economic impact to Washington State and other local communities.

Notwithstanding everything stated above, you also need to know this isn’t just about coal.  We need these new transportation hubs to support exports from small and medium sized businesses of all sorts.  Approximately 40% of jobs in Washington state are trade-related and they depend on the same transportation infrastructure, including these terminals.  Coal, CO2, and the trumped-up threat of global warming are simply excuses to prevent valuable development.  Don’t be fooled!

Please follow Nansen’s recommendations below and contact the members of the King County Council.  Let them know we NEED to promote economic development in Washington State and to stop adding needless regulations, which prevents the productive use of our property.


Rick Forschler

President, King County Chapter

Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights (CAPR)

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