Ken Mann Emails Intent to Bow-out of County Council…But Will He Bow-out of Politics?

Common Threads NW has been digging into local political public records and has found a lot of evidence which shows that RE Sources and Futurewise are indeed calling the shots on how, when and where, Whatcom County shall grow, what types of business and industry growth shall happen, and most importantly the destructive actions taken against Cherry Point Industries.

On another note…in an email between Councilmember Ken Mann and local Democrat strategist, Lisa McShane…they’re mapping out who should represent you in the new five-district plan that they planned together, away from the eyes of the public. (side note; the Bellingham Herald article link provided was written by Ralph Schwartz, glowingly about the successful election of Democrats to the Whatcom County Council.  Ralph Schwartz is now employed by Dan McShane…Lisa McShane’s husband???)

And…Councilmember Carl Weimer, former Executive Director of RE Sources, current Executive Director of the Pipeline Safety Trust (who exists on grant dollars which largely come from your tax dollars) …has recently hired Kate Blystone, the former Executive Director of RE Sources…weimer_blystone_pipeline_safety

Do you see how their game is played???  Follow their Money…

Do you think Carl Weimer represents You?

Do you think Ken Mann represents You?

Do you think this Whatcom County Council represents You?



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