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couch potato catI have some questions after listening to the news this weekend.

Is this new Democratic message of going on the government dole (oops!…I mean less work) rather than working what U.S. workers want?  Is the spin from D.C. the message that trade union workers will continue to support with their political dollars?  It sounds to me like the Democratic Party has given up on job creation in the USA.  Is that good for union jobs?  Do they really want to support a political philosophy of laziness?  What happens to the blue collar workers that have been the backbone of our society?

I also am wondering is this message “freedom from work,” what is being taught in our schools by teacher’s union members?  For years and years, they have poured their membership’s dues into the Democratic coffers .  If this catchy phrase “freedom from work” takes hold in our society, just who will be paying for teachers’ “tax-backed” salaries and “tax-paid-for” buildings?  Perhaps in places like New York or Hollywood, or Washington DC there are enough millionaires to pay for everything in a shrinking economy, but in Whatcom County it certainly begs the question, “how can we afford a new high school in Ferndale if the taxpaying workforce stays home?”

~ Lorraine Newman

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  1. O must go – by whatever means possible – we are 99% wrecked . The Senate is too weak to impeach him – maybe the House could starve his projects of needed cash –

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