Isn’t it Ironic?


A friend sent me a series of pictures depicting irony yesterday and it got me thinking about this week’s news. Most everyone has followed the terrible happenings at a French magazine that specialized in satire.

When the news started streaming into our lives, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest struggled to describe what had happened as an act of terrorism, couching his comments by referring to the episode of “violence”. It still amazes me that some in our halls of governance are so tenuous in talking about terrorism. That they are still unsure of what it is or who the perpetrators are.

As I stand in the Homeland Security pat down lines at the airport every time I want to visit my granddaughter, I know who they should be looking for: the Islamists who believe that the only living souls left on earth should pray to Allah and the drug cartel members that care for no other life on earth than their own.

I have a clear understanding of terrorism: It is the destruction of innocents which leaves in its wake lives forever mangled. It is the absence of love for humanity. It can be as violent as the Islamist attacks of September 11th or as controlled as the Nazi concentration camps.

The irony is that those of us in the pat down lines at the airport seem to have a clearer understanding of terrorism than those who govern us and assure us that they have-our-backs.

~ Lorraine Newman

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