Is Whatcom County out of compliance with Local and State Laws? Common Threads NW says “Yes!”

When Whatcom County approved increasing the County from 3-Districts to 5-Districts, it failed to address the many conflicts that this would create with other boards and commissions. State Law allows for a Planning Commission made up of 5 – 7 or 9 members. Whatcom County code calls for 3-Representatives within each district. When Whatcom County voters approved the change to 5-Districts, the currently seated Planning Commission of 9 Commissioners based on the old 3-Districts, no longer fairly or lawfully represented our community.

If they are to follow the law, the County Council must address this issue…5-Districts will allow for 1-Representative per District to follow state law. Will this County Council fix this error, or continue to sweep it under the rug? “Nothing to see here folks…just continue to work hard and pay us your taxes, so we can do the bidding of RE Sources and Futurewise!”

Also, do you have “Fair and Equal,” representation in Whatcom County when this Council fails to place an immediate “Special Election,” to fill each of the newly formed 5-Districts with a duly elected representative for each new district? Why haven’t they addressed this issue themselves? They have the power to do it. And, they have the power to change the current, illegal makeup of the Planning Commission based on the old 3-Districts. A Planning Commission who are placing before this Council the direction for growth in Whatcom County for the next 10 years, which is the Whatcom County Comprehensive Plan Update, which is scheduled to be approved/passed with this Council, a Council who do not fairly represent the new 5-Districts.

Is this the “Fair and Equal,” representation you voted for? Is this “Taxation without Representation?”

Local non-profit, Common Threads NW, has submitted a letter to Whatcom County’s political and legal leadership to address their failure to follow local and state laws.

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