Is There a Closed Door Executive Session Planned to Continue to Shut Down Exempt-Well Properties?

We’ve received a cry for help from a friend. There’s a strong chance that the Whatcom County Council will extend their private, exempt-well moratorium for an additional six-months, after their sixty-day moratorium expires in December 2016. On Tuesday, Nov. 22nd, 2016, the Whatcom County Council will meet at their afternoon Special Committee of the Whole, 2:00 p.m., Council Committee Room, 311 Grand AVE., Bellingham, WA.

Discussion with Senior Deputy Prosecutor Karen Frakes regarding pending litigation, Hirst et al v. Whatcom County, GMHB Case No. 12-2-0013 (AB2016-018)
[Discussion of this item may take place in executive session (closed to the public) pursuant to RCW42.30.110 (1) (i)] Page

Their own meeting schedule indicates that the meeting may (likely will) be closed to the public. While the future of so many tax-paying, county residents hangs in the balance…this Council keeps everyone in the dark about their future. Why? There was no legitimate reason to have placed the sixty-day moratorium, especially when you consider that the State Supreme Court’s actions were in part due to this Council’s failure to take the lead and fund the Planning Unit’s work on water planning for Whatcom County.

Can’t make it to the Tuesday, afternoon committee meeting? If you can attend the 7 PM evening meeting at the Whatcom County Courthouse, in the Council Chambers, please go. Please sign-up to speak. You do not have to speak the entire 3 minutes available to everyone, just voice your concern and ask them to not stop all development in rural Whatcom County which are dependent upon access to an exempt-well. Ask them to fund the Planning Unit to begin the water study, as lawfully required by the Washington State Legislature. Ask them to do these two things and ask the Council to take these two pro-active stances back to the Growth Management Hearings Board, to show that Whatcom County has taken the lead in water planning as the process laid out by the State Legislature wisely approved for them to do. If you are unable to do either of these, please contact the Council and voice your concern by phone, written letter, or email.

Email received Nov. 18th, 2016, regarding legitimate concerns of and for Whatcom County residents:

Emergency Ordinance imposing a moratorium on the acceptance and processing of applications and permits for subdivisions, home building permits and discretionary permits that rely on permit-exempt wells for water supply in closed basin”
All of Whatcom County with the exception of Blaine/Birch Bay area is a closed basin.
This is in place for 60 days and is up Dec 24th. They did this without the knowledge of the general public-

The Council is trying to extend this in secret for 6 months with NO reasoning! They will apparently introduce it in their closed Tuesday Meeting- too late to put it up for the general public to know and voting at the open meeting that same night Tuesday Nov. 22nd at 7 pm 

Please, please send someone, help cover this story- they are pulling the rug out from under private citizens, their properties and their very right to live out the American dream of owning a home.And what about job loss? Does our County really need this now? People who own land and bought it with the intention of selling just lost almost all of their value. What about those people? What about the well drilling companies? What about local construction? What about the trickle down effect?

Senator Doug Erickson has a legislative fix for this. All we are asking is they DO NOT put a 6 month moratorium in place- that they lift it and allow legislation to be introduced.

We have been circulating petitions for a couple of days, our lawyer for realtors in Olympia was just up this week to speak to us.

I will be here it help in any way I can. Hopefully there will be a lot of people at this next meeting of County Council. We can’t let them do this to us- it is not justified, way to extreme of a stand.

A lot with septic and well puts over 90% of its water back in the ground, Bellingham city just pumps it out and throws it into the bay-

Where is the logic?

We need you-we need to get the word out- we need your help-

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