Is the Tea Party Being Used?

image.pngRecently I agreed to do a short interview on KGMI 790’s afternoon show, PM Bellingham, with the host Dillon Honcoop.  Dillon is aware that I am a board member of the local, Whatcom Tea Party, which prompted Dillon to ask if I would speak on his program about the recent(?) admission by the Internal Revenue Service; that groups who applied for the non-profit status of a 501(c)3, and had Tea Party or Patriot in their application name were given greater scrutiny; an unconstitutional treatment and abuse of their power.  Why would the IRS ‘s treatment towards Tea Party groups and other conservatives be considered a misapplication of power and a threat to the First Amendment?  Have you heard of free speech and equal treatment under the law?  What exactly does that mean anyway?

Equal; as in uniform or the same.

Treatment; as in action or behavior towards.

Hope_'n'_Change_-Cartoon_5-2013There was one thing that I did not mention in my interview on PM Bellingham.  There is an abiding discomfort that I share with others on potentially playing a role in the diminishment of the real story of the day, the week, the year, or the century.  That story is Benghazi and in my opinion has not received the scrutiny it deserves by the major media stations.  The recent  testimonies of the whistleblowers refutes everything that the Obama Administration and the U.S. State Department reported, so isn’t it time that we demand answers from them?  What about the film-maker who was arrested on trumped-up charges?  Where is he?  How has he been treated amidst all of this? And especially, what about the dead American’s and their families?  Will Ambassador Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty, Sean Smith and their families,  receive the answers and rightful justice they deserve for their service to our Country?

When this Country follows all the principles laid-out in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights; I believe that is what is meant when people say that the United States is a shining beacon upon the hill.  The media is tasked to be the guardians of the First Amendment.  With the resources available of a mega-media-entity and the protection of the First Amendment; we should know what happened in Benghazi, who was involved and of utmost importance, where were you Mr. President?

~ Kris Halterman

  Interview with Whatcom Tea Party (WTP) President, Karl Uppiano and WTP member Terry Cox about the IRS abuse of power and it’s relationship to Benghazi.

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  1. Very thoughtful discussion. In this day and age nothing exists in a cocoon. I believe that the IRS investigation will eventually go beyond applications for tax status and we will see that the IRS also targeted people for audits. That it will go beyond the new forming Tea Parties and into well established and respected charitable and religious organizations. We may see that our protections to practice free speach, free association and the religious beliefs of our choice were all trampled on by a government that has grown to large.
    Tea Party concerns over the abuses we were hearing about early on in our formations became part of our concern as we were reading about the Affordable Care Act before it was inacted. When we read that the IRS would be the governing and enforcing agency we understood the largesse of the expansion of one federal agency, it was a chilling thought then. And still is.
    We also understand that political power is never static, but always changing. If I am not protected today, you may not be protected tomorrow. And that dims the beacon of everyones freedoms.

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