Whatcom County Council left to right: Todd Donovan, Carl Weimer, Rud Browne, Barbara Brenner, Ken Mann, Satpal Sidhu, and Barry Buchanan

Is the County Council Ignoring the Public Process?

Is the Whatcom County Council following the public policy guidelines from the “Growth Management Act,” and the same policy from the guide on how-to-integrate-public-comments in the,”Whatcom County Comprehensive Plan update for 2017?”

Has the Whatcom County Council’s refusal to turn over their proposed changes to the Comp Plan update to the Planning Commission, for review and analysis, to insure that it smoothly melds with the updates being proposed by Bellingham and the other smaller Cities, setup Whatcom County to slide further into economic decline? It’s hard to fathom that being dead last, being 39th of 39 Counties, on the economically unaffordable places to live and work is possible, but maybe it is?

It appears on the face of it that they are not. The Growth Management Act is specifically designed to be a bottom-up, public process, where all concerns are addressed before approving and passing the changes placed within it. In an email reply, Councilperson Barbara Brenner questions whether the process has been followed by the other Council members when she states; ” I don’t believe they had any intent on taking the time to absorb all the correspondence and comments we received yesterday.” (see email thread below)

There is a 60 day period where the public can file a formal protest against passage of this Comp Plan update. If you’d like to know how to do that and you’d like to get involved in saving Whatcom County from their “failure to plan,” please contact Jack Petree at: tradewrld@comcast.net . Jack has taken this council and other agencies to task before and he’s getting ready to do it again…so if you can help in anyway…please do so.

~ Kris Halterman

Dear Barbara,

Of course they had no intention of listening to anything other than their own drum beat.  This is about taking control of our county and forcing the rest of us to leave.

I did not come in person to testify on Tuesday.  I have had enough of the disrespectful eye rolling from the council bench.  I meant my written comments to convey that it is the councils’ responsibility to coordinate planning between all the people of the county.  This council has failed to do so.

Lorraine Newman

4035 Cedarbrook Court

Bellingham, WA  988299

From: BBGUN1010@aol.com [mailto:BBGUN1010@aol.com] Sent: Wednesday, August 10, 2016 8:55 PM
To: lmn213@comcast.net
Cc: BBrenner@co.whatcom.wa.us; NHanson@co.whatcom.wa.us
Subject: Re: FW: Whatcom County Comprehensive Plan 2016 Update


They went ahead and passed the comp plan last night. I was the only one to vote against. Please call me at 384-2762 if you would like to discuss more. I don’t believe they had any intent on taking the time to absorb all the correspondence and comments we received yesterday.

Barbara Brenner

If this e-mail is about county business, it is a public record subject to public disclosure upon request. Please send all e-mails related to county business to my official county e-mail address, bbrenner@co.whatcom.wa.us. Thank you.

In a message dated 8/10/2016 8:10:37 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, bbrenner@co.whatcom.wa.us writes:

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From: Council <Council@co.whatcom.wa.us>
To: Barbara Brenner <bbrenner@co.whatcom.wa.us>, Barry Buchanan
<BBuchana@co.whatcom.wa.us>, Carl Weimer <cweimer@co.whatcom.wa.us>, Ken Mann
<kmann@co.whatcom.wa.us>, Rud Browne <RBrowne@co.whatcom.wa.us>, Satpal Sidhu
<SSidhu@co.whatcom.wa.us>, Todd Donovan <TDonovan@co.whatcom.wa.us>
CC: Forrest Longman <FLongman@co.whatcom.wa.us>
Subject: FW: Whatcom County Comprehensive Plan 2016 Update
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2016 15:10:27 +0000

From: Lorraine Newman [mailto:lmn213@comcast.net] Sent: Tuesday, August 09, 2016 8:58 PM
To: Council
Subject: Whatcom County Comprehensive Plan 2016 Update

Dear Council Members:

I am writing today concerning the WCCP 2016 Update that you will be discussing at this evenings meeting.

I am unable to attend the meeting but would appreciate this letter being part of the record.

Lorraine Newman

4035 Cedarbrook Court

Bellingham, WA  98229


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