Is Cherry Point a target for Tribal Expansion?

cherry-point-300x167The Lummi Indian Business Council (LIBC) was solicited in 2012 by the “Center for Salish Community Strategies,” to ask the Washington State Army Corp of Engineers to deny the permitting of the proposed Gateway Pacific Terminal project.

Currently the land is owned by SSA Marine, who has been working to develop their property at Cherry Point for a dry bulk exporting facility. Saturday Morning Live – Liberty Road has received documents which show that the LIBC were solicited by the “Center for Salish Community Strategies,” with the goal to not only prevent SSA Marine from developing their property, but to help them to acquire this property as part of the LIBC Trust property in perpetuity.

cherrypointrefinery1How will this affect Whatcom County? Will Whatcom County be fiscally harmed by this objective to take the last industrially zoned, deep water port land off of the tax roles and into the financial benefit of the LIBC? And, how would this affect the nearby industries of the refineries, BP and Phillips 66, and the Intalco Aluminum sites? What about the other approximate 250 other businesses who service these industries? These industries bring 25% of the best paying jobs into the community, but the documents posted here do not address the loss of this income and jobs to Whatcom County.

2012 Documents between LIBC and Center for Salish Community Strategies

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