IPCC AR5 SPM – Released with Flaws ~ If they don’t report it will anyone care?

Survey: Global temperature changesOn today’s program with Chris Cargill we discussed the Washington Policy Centers (WaPo) expose on the call for a performance audit to be done on I-937 (Energy Independence Act) by a coalition of lawmakers and business groups. The WaPo article points to Olympia’s failure to address the need to examine whether this initiative, or any new laws, regulations and initiatives actually deliver a real benefit to the people. A performance audit for I-937 would require that this initiative be looked at for simple, reasonable benchmarks such as:

  1. How many others states/countries with renewable energy production targets exclude hydro generated power from their targets?
  2. Is the implementation of I-937 saving businesses and consumers money as promised?
  3. Are the renewable energy targets of I-937 resulting in cheaper energy production as promised?
  4. Have the renewable energy requirements reduced the carbon intensity of Washington’s electricity?
  5. How much have the policies of I-937 either reduced or increased the electricity bills for businesses, governments, and private residences and by how much?
  6. Have the policies of I-937 resulted in Washington utilities selling excess hydro power to other states?

When you couple this with the revelation that the new United Nations – IPCC AR5 SPM report fails to include the last fifteen years of flat global temperature rise, will the people wake-up and start to demand accountability from programs like I-937? There is a need for energy independence in the United States, but the cost of energy independence must be balanced with the publics ability to pay. At the very least it must be based on honest, proven scientific data.  ~ Kris Halterman

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