Initiative 594 punishes law abiding Citizen’s 2nd Amendment Rights

The flagship sponsor of Saturday Morning Live is Dick Donahue of Asset Advisors. Dick also has his own show Wealth Wakeup which airs on Saturday’s and Sunday’s to talk about financial issues and even political issues that also affects you and I. The October 25th, 2014 show focus was on this November’s ballot item I-594, a poorly written and stealth initiative that does everything to punish the law abiding citizen’s while still not addressing the issues of unlawful purchasing of firearms, the criminal elements and mentally ill who commit the vast majority of all gun crime in America.

This topic is especially sensitive with the recent shooting incident at Pilchuck High School in Marysville, Washington. It is important that we keep those children and their families in our hearts and minds, seek out the reason why a young man who had everything to live for committed such an unthinkable act upon his family and friends and how this could have been prevented. I-594 would do nothing to prevent this type of tragedy from happening. This action by a young man who was likely in a mental state of anguish that no one fully understood would not be prevented by I-594.

I-594 is not supported by many distinguished law enforcements members and Sherriff’s, it great potential to trip up lawful people to commit a criminal act from normal everyday action of sharing your gun or rifle with family members or friends and the most egregious elements are the erroneous statements in the initiative’s proponents and the unwritten elements that the initiative does not address which would then be left up to “fill-in the blanks” state bureaucrats.

Please take a moment to listen to Dick Donahue’s interview with Monty Smith (Whatcom County Friends of the NRA), State Representatives Vincent Buys, David Taylor and Jason Overstreet on why you need to vote NO on Initiative 594.

~ Kris Halterman



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