I Will Not Let An Exam Result Decide My Fate (Video)

Through a world of increased standardization, we are less likely to develop the creative, deep thinkers we need as a society.

We increasingly rely on, and are judged by, the results on a standardized test. Those who can’t meet the adequate standards are cast as inferior or damaged goods. Humans are highly complex therefore, cannot (should not) be standardized.  Somewhere along the way someone decided what would be considered a “Smart” person.  Our increasing cookie cutter world is becoming so homogeneous (no thanks to tests like the SAT and the new Common Core standards) that we mold our learning specifically to it. Not doing well on this one test can have lasting effects on your future goals and asperations, because of your number (test score).

School is a tool and not the “end all-be all” to learning. Everyday life will teach more, give more knowledge and understanding, than any test can actually measure. This premise is key.  A little tinkering, trial and error brings joy to learning. Whereas we may learn a lot from books and sources like Google, they cannot give anyone a fully fleshed out and developed mind.

Remember, we must know where we have been to know where we are going and how to get there.

~ Jacob Deschenes

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  1. Thank you for the thought provoking video. I listened to school board member Hugh Foulke this weekend talk about the drop rates of today compared to when he was teaching in the 60’s.
    Our education system in in trouble.
    When I here the same message coming from two very different groups of people, it’s time to pay attention and come up with better solutions.

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