How will Common Core change Public Education here and around the Nation?

This week many people have seen the YouTube video of Mr. Small, who was arrested and faced a potential $2500 fine and up to 10 years in jail for allegedly assaulting a police officer.  Apparently all charges have been dropped, but why did this escalate to an arrest?  Where was the School Board, the police and the audience members in attendance who stood up for Mr. Small for his freedom of speech rights?

What did Mr. Small do?  Watch the video (click here) and decide for yourself if this man, this husband, this father, this concerned American citizen did anything that justified the treatment he received at an open, public school board meeting?  When did it become a crime to ask a question of publicly elected officials that weren’t submitted in advance by a scripted process?

Saturday Morning Live has a lot of information on our website related to Common Core and call on all individuals, parents, grandparents and US Constitution loving American Citizens to take time our of your day to learn about what the rewriting of curriculum will cost America.  It’s not just about the tens of millions and billions of dollars that will be spent to replace traditional, original sources as the tools we use to teach the children about US History and our Constitution, but if you don’t know what you had how will you ever know what you lost?

~ Kris Halterman

Pro-Common Core Anti-Common Core


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