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How to make a tragedy into a political agenda

380376002Over the past days, as families in Newtown, Conn., struggle with tragedy, horror, sorrow, fear and grief, I watched politicians and media grandstand in front of cameras and microphones to tell the world that they will not politicize this tragedy.

How is it possible not to politicize a tragedy when gun rights are involved? That immediately makes it a political and a constitutional issue. This is not some minor matter to be negotiated by an unelected, commission of strangers. This is the 2nd Amendment to the Bill of Rights. Written for the People and protected by the United States Constitution.

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

The tragedy in Newtown, Conn. resulted in the loss of innocent children. Little angels really, who have no conceptual understanding of what evil is. How evil convinces seemingly normal, non-violent people, to behave like wild animals. Yet we all admit that evil does exist and manifests itself all over the world. Evil, uses whatever weapon(s) it can, to create fear and havoc upon the focus of their rage. Is it possible to eliminate evil? No. Is it right, or just, to punish law abiding citizens because evil exists? No.

The U.S. Constitution led to the “Bill of Rights.” At the time they were written, the Founders understood the risks of creating a document that would give society the ability to establish liberty and a system of self governance. They also understood that in order to maintain it, there would need to be a system of pillars that would guide us on our road to liberty. The National Monument embodies those five pillars:

When we attach the tragedy of Newtown, Conn. to be the catalyst for confiscating liberty (and the 2nd Amendment is a very simply stated and easily understood to be an individual right of liberty), the protectors of our liberty have failed us, and all of those who gave their life to give us liberty. Guns do not murder people. People murder people. Alcohol does not cause alcholism. People who consciously choose to drink heavily, over long periods of time, causes alcoholism. Cars do not cause accidents. People driving the cars, or a defective part on the car, causes accidents. Babies do not cause abortions. People engaging in sexual relations when they do not want to procreate a baby, consciously choose to have an abortion. I could write many more similar analogies, but you get my point here.

We the People must accept the fact that our political leaders have ignored, no, destroyed, the five neccessary pillars that enable a free society to live their lives with the freedom and liberty. Our fore-fathers envisioned this life for us, and it is up to us to restore those pillars in order that we preserve liberty for ourselves and our posterity. What choice do we have? Fix-it, or continue to slide towards evil.

For those of you who believe that guns are evil, please take a moment to read this well researched and reasoned letter on, “The rational use of guns in society,” from E. Fine

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