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2 is Better than 1

We are in the thick of a rough, hot, and somewhat messy political season again. Last weekends debate hosted by the League of Women Voters left a lot unsaid. As my web-followers know; Karl Uppiano sent an email to Rud Browne about what he felt was left unsaid, or that the debate structure did not allow for a full fleshing-out of the issues.

Karl Uppiano debated Rud Browne on the Proposition’s 1 and 7; which are to be on this November’s ballot. In fact, some of the readers here may have already received your ballots in the mail. Well, Rud Browne  was not pleased with the statements Mr. Uppiano made and has responded here. I’ve posted the email in it’s entirety, as Mr. Browne Cc’d me on the email and posted it as a comment to my blog piece; Excuse Me…But How Stupid Do You Think Voters Are?

Stay tuned…this conversation very well may not be over…

~ Kris Halterman

Note to Readers: I did not used Rud’s official title here as he indicated in his response to Karl’s email that his reply was his own personal statement and does not represent that of the Whatcom County Council.

Dear Mr. Uppiano

I have reviewed the recent comments which you posted online. While I am always happy to see more information about the Whatcom charter amendments, I am disappointed to see that you inaccurately rewrote what I said at the League of Women Voters Video Forum. It looks like you changed my comments and published them in an effort to win your argument. If you compare the things you claim I said against the League of Women Voters video you will clearly see what I mean.

I also take issue with your claim on Propositions 2 & 3 that “These amendments in no way affect the voters’ ability to do anything. Voters can always bring an initiative.” That’s not true, either.  If Propositions 2 & 3 pass, then a super-majority of votes on the County Council is no longer enough to put a citizen petitioned proposition on the ballot. Sure, under your proposal voters can always gather the 20,187 signatures currently required to put a citizen’s initiative on the ballot, but that’s a much more exhaustive and costly process.

I agree with your statement that we need to correct the record. In fact I would be more than happy to debate you again on KGMI this Saturday (October 17th) or KBAI early next week. My only request is that you make sure that any future quotes attributed to me be in fact accurate.


 P.S. Please note for the record that all my comments on the Charter amendments are being made in my individual capacity and not on behalf of the County Council.

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