How Do You Say…Follow the Money???

2016-10-03_0906As the campaign’s ramp-up into high gear, the PDC reflects some interesting information on who’s pushing for the status-quo to continue in Washington. As many of my readers know, there has been a great deal of damage done to the Ag Forest Industry, our State and Federal National Forests are dying of neglect, and wildfires have decimated many wildlife and human shelters.

Peter Goldman, Director and Managing Attorney for the Washington Forest Law Center, is heavily funding the campaign of Hilary Franz, a deep earth ecology – extremist. All of Peter Goldman’s connections are heavily connected to deep pockets, of deep earth environmental extremists who will continue to decimate our state and national forests, through the rewilding projects, of The Rewilding Institute.


As of October 1, 2016, Peter Goldman, of the WA Forest Law Center, (WFLC) contributed $110,000, or 64% of the $171,362 Independent Expenditures (IE) “Citizens for our Forest, our Future for Hilary Franz”. He is the most prolific litigator against the Dept. of Natural Resources, and single-handedly cost the tax payers, private landowners, and trust beneficiaries, millions in lost revenues and legal fees. The WFLC is a subsidiary and more than 50% controlled by the $45 m Earthjustice in San Francisco California. Their slogan is “Because the earth needs a good lawyer.” Goldman used to work for them when they were known as the Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund.

Other contributors include:

  • Mr. Ron Sher – a Bellevue real-estate mall developer

  • Daniel Nordstrom – CEO of Outdoor Research, Thomas Campion – Founding Board member along with Mitch Friedman of Conservation Northwest (which Goldman funds), activist on the Spotted Owl, saving Old Growth Forests and Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

  • Anne Kroeker, Director of Forest Ethics, (which Goldman funds and used to sue forest companies), and part of the Land Trust Alliance,
    Nancy Skinner Nordhoff, philanthropist and environmentalist

  • William Donnolly, now with Merrill Lynch, but also Vice Board of Director of the Forest Stewardship Council International (which Goldman has allegedly “cut a deal” with DNR to move more lands into FSC certification, even though DNR’s earlier study showed it would cost the trusts 30%), and Conservation NW, previously at Futurewise (which Goldman funds)

  • Martha Wyckoff, The Trust for Public Lands (which Goldman funds)

  • Alan Black a construction designer for large capital improvement projects specializing in storm water and investor.

As we’ve repeatedly said…follow the money…and you’ll find that someone or something who wants to control your life and deny you your right to use your property as you lawfully see fit to do…



A 512(b)(13) organization. A controlled entity is one type of related organization, that is defined in Code section
512(b)(13) to include subsidiaries that are more-than-50 percent controlled by the organization.

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