Hot off the Presses – – from the County Council Committee Meetings

This mornings committee meetings:

Natural Resources:

In a presentation to the council today it was indicated that the problem with water quality in the county is that people don’t care — but more money should solve that problem.

The problem with funding the Planning Unit is that the Council does not like the Planning Units voting process  and the Joint Board does not want to share the money they have, so — if the Council does not fund the Planning Unit – problem solved!

The problem with the Marijuana moratorium is people have already invested money and we are approaching the planting season.  Current applications do not want to adhere to current county zoning, they want producing, processing and retail in the Agricultural zone.  While this is still a major stumbling block which has prevented meat packing facilities  (currently legal under federal law) from getting zoning approval, it will likely be a small bump in the road for marijuana growing and processing (currently not legal under federal law) to overcome.

It is a problem that state revenues from marijuana taxation will not be shared with cities and counties.


Report from our county assessor on the impacts which we will immediately see as a result of the BP Oil refinery’s challenge of their property value assessment.  Solution beat up on “Big Oil”  the two largest taxpayers in our county???

Another problem:  we don’t have enough money to finance the maintenance for one year of the Lake Whatcom Reconveyance property ($23,000 short) so where should the extra funds come from?  You might think the general fund but noooo we fix this problem by removing $1.5M from the Conservation Futures fund and put it in a Park fund so we have lots of money to play with.

Problem: Conservation Futures Fund money has more dollars in it than Council can spend.

Solution: Lets use it as a slush fund to fund whatever the Council deems fitting…tax paying voters be damned!

If you do not want our county to jump down the rabbit hole with this council everyone better show up tonight.

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