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Heavy Moolah Moves into Whatcom County Council Races

Time to weigh in on the big bucks that are being spent to sway (dare I say buy?) the voters of Whatcom County to vote for one slate of candidates over another.  It was not so long ago that the bloggers were whispering that big money would decide this local election and that is what’s happening for certain.  Outside dollars are being spent by the Washington Conservation Voters Action Fund (WCV).

Those dollars are plastering Whatcom County with ominous pictures on one side of the flyer of a dirty, congested, ugly and uncertain future for Whatcom County if the Gateway Pacific Terminal passes all of the environmental inspection scoping processes.

They do not mention of all those great family wage jobs that have been created at the Cherry Point Industrial zone and the many thousands of other jobs that can become a reality if GPT gets approved!

The other side of the flyer shows a bright, colorful, happy and working green community if they vote for their candidates.

This is a common tool of advertising as they attempt to affect people with subliminal perceptions.  It’s no different than when you see an advertisement of a local kiddie restaurant with lots of happy families eating their wares.  Can you feel the manipulation I am showing you in these words?  That’s what the WCV flyer hopes you’ll feel too.










Here are some questions that should be asked of these candidates before you give them your vote:

  •  Will you remove yourself from voting on the Gateway Pacific Terminal due to the Washington Conservation Voters Action Fund flyer which states that you say you will vote no on the Gateway Pacific Terminal project?
  • Will you represent all the residents of Whatcom County and businesses of Whatcom County, or will you vote to make life too onerous and expensive to live and operate a business in the rural county?
  • Will you represent all of the much valued industries in Whatcom County, including BP, Phillips 66 and Intalco?
  • Will your votes be swayed by the Cherry Point Resolution to ban all further industrial, commercial and residential development, on or near Cherry Point?

The voters of Whatcom County are faced with two choices this election.  Do you vote for candidates who have political flyers stating their opposition to local multi-million dollar family wage industries?  Do you vote for candidates with extreme positions on how people should live and produce on their private property?  Do you vote for candidates who are supported by outside extreme-enviro-bigger-government proponents who will give us less independent rural living?  Or will you vote for the candidates who have shown themselves willing to work and represent you, the tax paying citizens, businesses and industries of Whatcom County?

Their campaigns are talking to you. Are you listening Whatcom County?

Kris Halterman


WCV_Flyer__(a)_opt WCV_Flyer_(b)_opt


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  1. Be sure to tell voters that you believe that it’s possible for large industry to be environmentally friendly, and that homeless camps are NOT environmentally friendly. That people are not a scourge upon the earth, but that people with a high quality of living tend to protect and enhance the environment in which they live. That environmentalist wackos live in trees, but rabid environmentalists are only pretending to be environmentalists, and can rarely be found cleaning up after themselves.

  2. Kris, I share your concern for big money coming in to sway our County Council races. I’m worried about the thousands of dollars SSA Marine has funnelled into Republican candidates here in Whatcom – buying off the very people who will be deciding on their project. It is very troubling

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