Health and Safety…the language used to sell a Green Agenda and higher costs of living for Everyone

Inslee_ObamaEveryday local and national news headlines screech “heath and safety,” it’s the moral thing to do! We are told; “What’s a few pennies, a few nickels, a few dimes, a few quarters, a few dollars, a latte-or-two, for the health and safety of a nation?” Hundreds (if not thousands) of latte’s later we are still being sold that same jargon. When will our sacrifices, our social obligation through taxation and regulation be enough? Are we affecting the poverty level? In the 1950’s the poverty level was 22.4%, in the year 2000 the poverty level was 11.3% and in 2010 the rate rose to 15.1% (after all that stimulus spending???) and yet we are still bombarded with the hysteria that the sky is falling, we have to force equality by sharing everything through mandated minimum wage, hundreds of new taxes and regulations and now President Obama and Governor Inslee are implementing their plans, by executive order (the actions of Kings over the Serfs) for massive new carbon restrictions “and” carbon taxes. More pain for the health and safety of our nation. Really?

NextGen_PAC_2013Well the best way to balance all of this is to reach out and expose the hypocrisy. Did you know that Gov. Inslee had a private lunch with Hedge Fund Billionaire Tom Steyer, last Friday (May 30th, 2014)?

The Seattle Times political team explores national, state and local politics. May 30, 2014 at 3:24 PM

Inslee lunches with billionaire climate activist Tom Steyer

WA_Conv_Voters_PAC_2013 Do you think they talked about the weather? The state of Washington’s economy? The real possibility that Boeing and Microsoft are moving out of Washington State? Or, more likely did they have a serious conversation about what Gov. Inslee “must” do in order to secure Hedge Fund Billionaire, Tom Steyer’s infusion of cash to the 2014 and 2016 elections?
What’s a few million dollars of Political Action money from a friend able to do? To be fair, Tom Steyer’s millions were spread around a few states (Virginia and Washington received the most), WC_Cnty_PDC_2013but Whatcom County elections and our newly elected County Council received over $800k in outside funds and a lot of that money was funneled from Tom Steyer, to the Progressive Alliance and into the pockets of the Washington Conservation Voters, who targeted Whatcom County and showered us with postcards that demonized their opposition.

That’s a lot of influence to affect a local election and since Tom Steyer is heavily invested in “green technology in the United States and fossil fuels in foreign nations, one only has to follow his money to understand why.

CO2_Manmade_v_NatureNow consider the information shown in the graph and ask yourself why? What is the moral benefit to increase the costs of everything when there is no measurable gain in overall global temperatures, nor is there a direct link from CO2 to temperature rise? There is verifiable proof that CO2 rise follows temperature rises, which follow sun activity. Has science or man gained the ability to control the sun’s activity? If not, how exactly does penalizing the people by unwarranted taxation and regulation solve anything?
You need to understand that there is a hysteria being used to influence us to willingly give over our money, jobs, business and manufacturing future.

The media ignored the IPCC report showing that the globe has had no overall warming for the past two decades and is experiencing overall cooling trends that belie their agenda to tax and regulate the citizens of the United States out of the money needed to house and feed their families.

Tsign_of_riskhere are a lot of scientists who are speaking out to address this issue; the safety issues, the costs and the lack of proof that their plan is anything other than a plan to control the lives of free citizens.

If you missed the SML show on Saturday, May 31st, with Dr. Timothy Ball (retired Prof. of Geography and Climatology) and Glen Morgan of the Freedom Foundation, please take a moment to listen now and remember that true science is made up of skeptics willing to ask questions and seek the answers to those questions.

~ Kris Halterman

SML show May 31st

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