He Said – She Said … You Be the Judge

At last Tuesday’s Whatcom County Council meeting, Councilmember Browne took issue with the public’s perception that the Council was being falsely accused of seeking ways to change and subvert the recent passage of ESSB-6091, which restored water rights to lawful and legal properties reliant upon a private-well for potable water.  Councilmember Browne took a considerable amount of time commenting on what he believes to be fake news used to drum-up anger aimed at the County Council.

Provided here is the video which starts at Councilmember Browne’s comments made prior to the vote being taken.

This audio file is a recording taken from the Whatcom County Surface Water Advisory meeting held on Jan. 23rd, 2018. It clearly shows that there was conversation about whether or not they have the ability to seek more restrictive measures than the state allowed with the passage of ESSB-6091, and the advice of WC Atty. Karen Frakes that it would not be wise to discuss this in public.

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