Growth Management Act Reviewed by State Governmental Affairs Committee 01/16/2014

Last Thursday on January 16th, 2014, Senator Pam Roach hosted a committee hearing on the Growth Management Act (GMA).  The GMA was passed in Washington State in 1990 and the cost to Counties, the State, Cities and most importantly the individual property owner has skyrocketed.  The committee heard testimony from the public which begins around 25 minutes into the video.  Also, I received an email from a friend who attended this event, which I am sharing with the readers here on SML Liberty Road.

Roger and I managed to find our way to Olympia yesterday where Roger delivered a few words during Senator Pam Roach’s hearing on the Growth Management Act. There were several others whose names you will recognize who also testified during the hearing, including Freedom Foundation’s Glen Morgan and hydro-geologist Ed Kilduff. There was also an outstanding blast (against the GMA) delivered by CATO Institute’s Senior Fellow and author, Randall O’Toole. It begins around minute 52:25 or so. O’Toole’s talk followed remarks delivered by  Futurewise’s attorney, Tim Trihimovich. If you view nothing else, I’m confident you’ll enjoy O’Toole’s remarks, which included a well-directed jab at Trihimovich’s familiar propaganda. Most of the speakers spoke for 5 minutes or less. All of them were very well-spoken and interesting, I thought, and for the most part were able to present in a way that wasn’t overly-technical.

This hearing turned out to be a much bigger deal than Roger and I expected it to be before arriving there. It was the first time since enactment of Washington State’s GMA that a committee of the legislature has sought to undertake a review of the law. Kudos to Senator Roach for taking this one on.


GMA Hearing Video

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  1. It needs to be made eminently clear to our legislature that whatever the intentions of the framers of the GMA that its purpose has become “We live here and you shouldn’t.” The GMA has become a marvelous tool in the hands of people who hide behind rabid environmentalism to remove people below them on the lake or the bay, or whatever scenic spot they would like to own without the infringement of other humans. Their purposes are not to save the environment, but strictly selfish. They only want their own piece of view property to themselves. “It’s the law! It’s the law!” I’ve heard them cry, but they care nothing for the people impacted by this law. If the legislature wishes to protect the environment then the legislature should ensure the most amount of private ownership of the environment. People CARE about the property they OWN. People are not a scourge upon the earth. People are the earth’s most precious NATURAL resource! Homeless people gather in camps and have a ditch from the latrine to the stream. No wonder we can’t get cleanup on some of our streams!

    The GMA in the hands of the human-haters discourages the kind of economic growth that brings the kinds of jobs that help end homelessness. Homelessness isn’t that simple, of course, but the more high-wage income we bring to our county the greater the choices we have in choosing the best kinds of development and protecting our environment. No, I don’t want to see ski-to-sea pavement. But even choosing water-permeable concrete is expensive! A higher wage job is needed to maintain an environmentally friendly outcome.

    The GMA needs to be repealed. The use of it by these groups with bottomless financial pits to stop growth creates chaos and not order in city and county planning. Perhaps we should introduce a bill that allows local governments to pursue from these groups the loss of tax revenues due to their legal actions.

    • Very well said…thank you Molly. Next weeks guests are Ed Kilduff and Glen Morgan where we will be addressing the “Growth Management Act” (GMA), a very important issue facing Washington State and many other states under under different titles. ~ Kris Halterman

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