Global Warming Expediency

MCT,_Aric_Crabb,_Bay_Area_News_GroupHere it comes – have you heard?  Global warming (climate change to the politcally sensitive) has caused the drought in California!  Let’s ignore the fact that changing weather patterns are the result of changing winds linked to ocean temperature variances we do not fully understand.  Let’s ignore the fact that drought is not an abnormal weather phenomenon on the west coast.  Let’s take the easy road and use a scientific theory to hide behind.

Or we could talk about a state that has shut off water to agriculture water canals to save a little tiny fish that moved in after the canals were dug.  We could  talk about water reservoirs that were emptied and an infrastructure that has been ignored for 30 years.  We could talk about the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals that judged the study used to prove that smelt were endangered was flawed, but refused to let the water be used to grow food until another study was completed.  We could even ask why that study was never redone.  We could talk about the thousands of food producing acres at risk because of legislative heads in the sand.

The immediate benefit of feeling good about saving the environment out weighes the moral consideration of food and water availability for survivalthat’s global warming expediency.

Don’t let this happen here.

`Lorraine Newman

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