US Chamber of Commerce and Gates Foundation fund Media Blitz on ObamaCore

With so many complaints about the dumbing down of curriculum to meet the national standardized metrics of Common Core (aka ObamaCore) it should come as no surprise that they have begun a media blitz to espouse the wonderful future of public school education with standardized curriculum.   Common Core received huge financial support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with $150M of seed money.  This agreement was signed with a corporate agreement to develop a master curriculum benchmarked to the UNESCO goals for the 21st Century.

LincolnCommon Core will so radically change local school curriculum’s that they have begun to adjust the scoring for SAT’s to accommodate the likely outcome that these new standards will have on testing scores for college admissions.  Teachers are instructed to spend less time on teaching students about the contextual meaning behind classic literature and history, and more time on how to read instructual manuals.  Students must stay within the four corners of texts?  They are not to teach context?  How do you understand President Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye, or Steinback’s Grapes of Wrath without context?  The next time you attend a School Board or PTA meeting and you wonder what happened to local control of our schools…repeat after me…ObamaCore.

~ Kris Halterman

ObamaCore COMMON CORE AD BLITZ TARGETS CONSERVATIVES: The Business Roundtable, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and others will launch a national advertising blitz Sunday aimed at persuading Republicans who are hinging on the Common Core. The spots promoting the standards will air on Fox News and other conservative outlets and they strike a positive tone with teachers praising the standards. The campaign is a major ad buy that could last for months and aims to undercut dire tea party warnings that the standards amount to a federal power grab, akin to Obamacare.

— In a parallel effort unfolding mostly in deep red states, thousands of small business owners and corporate executives have been bombarding state lawmakers with emails, calls and personal visits to emphasize that better standards will mean a better workforce and ultimately, a better economy. The overall strategy: Give conservatives reasons to support the Common Core and tell them they’ll reap dividends if they do. “We’re telling the legislature that this is our No. 1 issue,” said Todd Sanders, CEO of the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce. “We will be watching.”

— But tea party activists aren’t intimidated. They’re convinced the business community’s tactics will backfire. “Frankly, they can rant and rave as much as they want. They’re not going to affect me and I don’t think they’re going to affect any others,” Arizona state Sen. Al Melvin said. “I’m a businessman. But sometimes, these chambers of commerce get it wrong.” Stephanie Simon has the scoop on the ad blitz:


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